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Additional Readings

  • 36 Steps – A quick, exhaustive round-up of functional areas open for action and innovation throughout the academy. Consider the impossibility to touch all of these areas at once, the need to make choices on where your impact will be, and the reality that any big idea has to be anchored in these operational places.
  • Strength in Numbers – The calls for education collaboration are increasing. Consider what role (doing what and with whom) collaboration will play in Salem’s future.
  • Learning From High-Performing and Fast-Gaining Institutions (from the Education Trust) and Bold Leadership, Real Reform 2.0 (from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni) both highlight case studies and successes outside of the small private school realm. The Education Trust article also spotlights key areas of student success that could be considered for innovation. Consider why our small schools are often left out of these conversations and off these lists.
  • What America Needs to Know about Higher Education Redesign – Lest we forget what real people want, in this read we are reminded what people think about higher education topics. The summary statement above each category is sufficient for review. Consider what clear needs will or can drive Salem’s innovation.
  • Work and the Curriculum – A short essay by Gary Daynes on the shortcomings and opportunities for connecting vocation and higher education. While the Salem Team may be more aligned with a traditional liberal arts focus for any future model, the concept of beginning first with the final outcome and working the curriculum backwards from that success could be helpful in our thinking. Consider how you might take this (or any) concept and initiate full institutional change
  • Speculative Ideas on University Models – The author presents multiple models for higher education. Consider what the strangest model you can think of would be like.
  • A Moonshot Approach to Change in Higher Education – AACU’s compilation of what students need to succeed in the future. Consider why they titled this article a ‘moonshot’?
  • UT Austin’s Failed $75M Effort – Money does not guarantee success in this brave, new space. Consider what went wrong.
  • Small is Beautiful, Chapter Six: The Greatest Resource is Education – A great book in general, this chapter anchors us back to purpose. Consider this: why do we engage in this whole endeavor in the first place?